Feb 21, 2012


Dan and I had a really good Valentines day. We celebrated the Saturday before, since Dan had to work. We decided this year to go to one of our favorite restaurants that we do not get to go to very often. Its called Five All's. It is an intimate and cozy five course restaurant. Its kind of pricy so going there is always a special occasion. Dinner was so nice!!! I always get Chicken Kiev, and Dan got stuffer pork chops. One of my favorite courses of course is dessert. You get a yummy parfait and macaroon cookies. We also exchanged our gifts that night too. We just went simple. Dan gave me a beautiful card and a rose. Then he also gave me season 1 of one of my favorite tv shows Dr Quinn Medicine Women. I got Dan a card and some Valentine's peeps and a gift card to his favorite Hobby Shop. After dinner we came home and just watched a movie and enjoyed spending our night together. Then on Valentines day we had our first appt at the fertility clinic in American Fork. We really like the doctor we are working with and we feel very positive about getting pregnant. Then we went to Brick Oven for Valentines lunch.

Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Me, my sister Angie and Mom went to this cute Cafe called the Model A in Spanish Fork. It is so yummy!!!

This is my sister Angie's Christmas tree. Its soo cute!!!

Wow can't believe tomorrow will be 2012. The year has flown by again. We had a fabolour holiday season. Its so sad its already over. Christmas always goes so fast. But I am excited for the New Year!!!!! I have not been very good at blogging the past few months. But I will get better. Here are a few pics of Christmas.

Nov 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Post

Here are some things I am thankful for:

Book of Mormon
Our Apartment

Oct 10, 2011

GIrls Trip to St George

Our Favorite stop along the way. Beaver!!!The back yard of the Condo

Such a fun play!!!
Grease Lightning Baby!!!

Me and Angie at lunch at the Pasta Factory.
This was outside a store called "life is good" we thought it was cute

The awesome Condo our friends let us stay in.

This past weekend me, my mom and sister Angie headed down to St George for the weekend. We were very excited to go because we were going to go to Tuchacan to see the plays Grease and Little Mermaid. One of my best friends family has a Condo, and they were so gracious and kind to let us stay there. It is a super nice place to stay. The first night we got there went to dinner at Cafe Rio. Then that night me and Angie went to the Little Mermaid. It was sooo good. The cool affects and the costumes were soo fun. Then Saturday morning we got up and headed out to doing some shopping and get pedicures and just have a fun time. We went to the Pasta Factory for lunch, and after that we headed over to a Cupcake shop that my sister had remembered. I had the best Red Velvet cupcake. Oh my gosh it was sooo good. Then I got a pedicure and it was so nice and relaxing. Then that night we went to Red Robin for dinner. Then we headed to see the play Grease. It was really good too. The music was so fun. That night after we were sooo tired so we came home and went to bed. Then the next morning we got up and went to the Bear Paw cafe for breakfast. It is a local place there and it was so yummy. THen we headed home. We had sooo much fun just getting away.

Sep 25, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Dan made me this scrapbook for my B-day. It was sooo sweet. He totally surprised me.

I really wanted this pillow.

Out to dinner at the Resteraunt
One of my favorite signs in the room

Just arriving in our room.

So last Thursday was my 31st birthday!!! I can't believe I am that old. No BUENO!!!! Anyway this was one of the best birthdays I have had. Dan and I decided to go to the Anniversary Inn in Logan. We have heard about it and always wanted to go. So we decided Logan because it would be a mini get away. So we had the Hawaiian Paradise room. So we both took Thursday and Friday off. So Thursday morning my friend Melissa took me to Johanna's kitchen for breakfast. Then that afternoon about two Dan and I headed out. We got to Logan about 345. We checked into our room and it was sooooo AWESOME!!!!! The walls were painted, and they had two huge Plasma tvs in the room and the Bathroom. There was sparkling cider, and two pieces of Cheese cake. There were tons of pillows on the bed and my favorite one was the Pineapple pillow. The decor was sooo fun. You really did feel like you were on a Private island. So after we checked in an got situated, we headed out to go to dinner. We wanted to do a local place that only Logan has. So we went to this Mexican Restaurant called El Viejo or something like that. It was really yummy. Then we came home and spent the whole evening just enjoying being together. We took our Wii, watched a Christmas movie, had popcorn and just enjoyed the night. The next morning they brought us a yummy breakfast. Then we just lounged around. We had a late check out so it was nice not to have to hurry. Then we got ready and went to the Logan Temple and did iniatories. Then we went to lunch at The Bluebird cafe, another local place. It was such a great trip and great birthday. Very nice to get away for a few days and be together.

Aug 21, 2011


I can't believe I forgot to post about our Anniversary. We celebrated our 4th anniversary on July 21st. I can't believe it has been four years. Time has definitely flown by. We have a tradition that we go to the Temple and do sealings. Well this year with our work schedules we did not get to do sealings. But we did go and do Iniatories. So that was very nice to do that. Then that night after work we went to the Deseret Star Playhouse and saw Goldilocks Capone and the Three Amigo's. They always have such fun plays there, and we always have a good time. I am so glad that I am married to Dan. Each year we become even better than we were before. He is my best friend and I am excited for the next 50 years.

Aug 17, 2011

August Already?

I love the looks on their faces. they look soo Happy.
Love this one me and Dan's mom and dad.

Wow I can't believe that we are half way through August. It has been over a month since I have posted. But we have been staying super busy and enjoying our summer. The first of this month Dan's little bro got married, and I got a new sister in law Misti. She is such a sweetheart and fits in so well with the family. I am so glad she and Mike found each other. They got sealed at Mt Timpanogis temple. They looked soo happy and Misti's dress was beautiful. Then we had the luncheon at their church building in Herriman. Then we had the reception at Dan's parents house. It was set up very nicely and they had a Zombie themed cake. They also had a DJ and we did some fun dances. We did the Macarena and YMCA. All the Classics. It was a really long day but very fun. So happy for Mike and Misti.